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Shapes III: Let's talk about text

To create a text-only shape, click and drag to define the area for the text, then start typing.

Here's another use for the Text Tool. When you need freestanding text in a diagram (that is, text that isn't attached or associated with a shape), you can create what's called a text-only shape.

To see an animated example of how to create a text-only shape, click Play. Notice the following in the animation:

  • To define the area for the text, you first use the Text Tool Button image to click and drag a bounding box.
  • Visio will zoom in so that you can see what you are typing.

The bounding box establishes the area that the text will occupy. It can be wide or skinny, long or short. It's up to you. The only thing it can't be is round or curvy. It can only be rectangular.

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