Create a new legend symbol

In addition to using the legend symbols from the Legend Shapes stencil, you can make any Microsoft Office Visio shape into a legend symbol.


  • The Legend shape appears in the Brainstorming Diagram, Network Diagram, and Building Plan templates, but you can use it in any Visio drawing.
  • There must be a Legend shape on the drawing page to create a custom legend symbol.
  1. Drag the shape you want to use as a legend symbol directly onto the Legend shape on your drawing page.

 Tip   You can select and convert shapes that are already on your diagram, or find and select shapes from other Visio stencils and drawing types.

  1. In the message box that appears, click Yes.

The shape automatically appears in the Legend shape and a control handle Control handle image - yellow diamond is added to the shape.

 Note   The shape you converted is now a legend symbol in the drawing. Each time you add another instance of this shape to the current drawing page, it is counted in the legend.

  1. Drag your new legend symbol from the legend and position it near the shape you want it to represent, and then drag the control handle to a blue connection point Connection point image - blue X on the shape. The connection turns red to indicate that it's attached, or glued (glue: A property of shapes that causes them to stay connected even when one of the shapes is moved. When you attach a connector to a shape, you glue the connector.).

The legend symbol moves with the shape when you reposition it.

 Tip   To convert multiple shapes to legend symbols at the same time, hold down the SHIFT key while you select the shapes you want to convert, and then drag them directly onto the Legend shape.