Create a feature comparison chart

Feature comparison chart

On the File menu, point to New, point to Charts and Graphs, and then click Charts and Graphs or Marketing Charts and Diagrams. From Charting Shapes, drag the Feature comparison shape onto the drawing page. Select the number of features and number of products you want to compare, and then click OK. From Charting Shapes, drag the Feature on/off shape onto a square in the comparison chart, and then choose the status option you want (Blank, Filled Circle, or Hollow Circle). Repeat to show the status of all the features and products in your chart. To change row or column header text, click the row or column header, and then type. To add a title to the chart, from Charting Shapes, drag a Text block shape onto the drawing page. With the text block selected, type a title.

 Tip   To change the number of features or products in the chart, right-click the chart, and then click Set Fields.