Create a chart or graph using shapes with special effects

Chart that uses stackable People shapes

On the File menu, point to New, point to Charts and Graphs, and then click Charts and Graphs or Marketing Charts and Diagrams. From Charting Shapes, drag an axis shape, such as the X-Y axis or the 3-D axis, onto the drawing page. To label the axis shape, select it, click to subselect a label, and then type. Add value labels if you want them.

ShowAdd value labels

To zoom in, hold down CTRL+SHIFT and click the graph.From Charting Shapes drag the Y-axis label shape onto the drawing page. Line it up at the x- and y-axis origin, so that its horizontal line is flush with the x-axis.With the Y-axis label shape selected, press CTRL+D to create a copy. Position the second lable toward the top of the y-axis, so that its horizontal line is flush with the highest value.

 Tip   To nudge a shape into position, select the shape and then press the arrow key that represents the direction you want.

Repeat to create labels for additional values along the y-axis.Select each label shape, and then type the value or name that corresponds to the shape's position on the axis.Repeat steps 2 through 5 using X-axis label shapes, and positioning them along the x-axis.

From Marketing Shapes, drag an extendable or stackable shape onto your drawing page.

ShowExtendable shapes

Extendable shapes are shapes you can stretch without distortion. For example, you can use an extendable Growing flower shape to indicate a company's growth over time.

Growing flower shape grows taller if stretched vertically

Extendable shapes include the Pencil, Growing flower, and Extend-o-hand shapes.

ShowStackable shapes

Stackable shapes are shapes that stack horizontally or vertically when you stretch them. For example, you can use a stackable People shape to represent population.

People shape displays up to four people if stretched horizontally

Stackable shapes.

 Tip   To create a longer series of people, dollars, or pounds, duplicate stacked shapes and align them end to end.

To extend or duplicate the shape, drag a selection handle Selection handle image. To orient the shape properly for use on the graph or chart, select the extendable or stackable shape. On the Shape menu, point to Rotate or Flip, and then click Rotate Left or Rotate Right.