Create a block diagram with perspective

Diagram that shows blocks with perspective

On the File menu, point to New, point to Block Diagram, and then click Block Diagram with Perspective. From Blocks with Perspective, drag shapes onto the drawing page. To add text to a shape, select it, and then type. To change the perspective of the shapes, drag the vanishing point (vanishing point: A point that represents where the perspective recedes in your drawing. You can move the vanishing point to any location on the drawing page.) (V.P.) on the drawing page to a new location, either on or off the drawing page.

 Note   When you move a vanishing point, all the shapes associated with that point shift their orientation.

 Tip   You can choose to hide or show depth while you work. On the View menu, click Layer Properties. In the 3D Depth row, under Visible, click to clear or display the check mark, and then click OK.