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Connect shapes the best way in Visio drawings

Point-to-point connections and shape-to-shape connections

Callout 1 If you move a shape in a point-to-point connection, the connector remains glued at that specific point.
Callout 2 If you move a shape in a shape-to-shape connection, the connector adjusts to glue to the connection point closest to the other shape.

Creating connections between shapes is straightforward. You just need to decide which type of connection you want.

Connections joining shapes at specific points are called, naturally, point-to-point connections. Connections are also possible between entire shapes. Not surprisingly, these are called shape-to-shape connections.

In this lesson, you'll learn the difference between point-to-point and shape-to-shape connections, how to create both kinds, and how to change a connection from one kind to the other.

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