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Connect shapes the best way in Visio drawings

Images representing connector shapes
Learn how to create effective, easy-to-revise drawings by connecting shapes the right way in Microsoft Office Visio® 2003.

About this course

This course includes:

  • 3 self-paced lessons and 3 practice sessions for hands-on experience.
  • A short test at the end of each lesson; tests are not scored.
  • A Quick Reference Card you can take away from the course.


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Draw connections between shapes.
  • Keep shapes connected while you move them around.
  • Add text to connections.

Imagine that you've spent a lot of time creating a detailed flowchart. Each shape is exactly where you want it, the lines that connect the shapes are perfectly placed, and it's ready for your team to review.

Now imagine it's the day after that review. Considering the feedback from your team, you want to move some of the shapes. For each shape you move, you might think that you also need to move the lines connecting the shapes.

Fortunately, in Visio you don't have to make all that extra effort. Visio uses a special kind of line to keep shapes connected even when you move them around.

This course will teach you the basics of connecting shapes in Visio. Soon you'll be able to create and update drawings quickly and easily with Visio connectors.

To learn more about this course, read the overview in the center of this page or the table of contents in the left column. Then click Next to start the first lesson.

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