Connect shapes

ShowConnect shapes using the Connector tool

Click the Connector tool Button image on the Standard toolbar.Do one of the following:

To keep the connector glued to a specific point on a shape, drag from a connection point Connection point image - blue X on the first shape to a connection point on the second shape. The connector endpoints turn red when the shapes are connected. This is called a point-to-point connection.

A point to point connection between shapes

To allow the connector to move around the shape, position the Connector tool over the center of the first shape until a red box appears around the shape. Hold down the mouse button and drag to the center of the second shape. When a red box appears around the second shape, release the mouse button. This is called a shape-to-shape connection.

A shape to shape connection

 Note   You can also create connections between shapes where one side of the connector is connected to a point and the other end of the connector is connected to the shape (and vice versa).

To connect shapes as you drag them onto the page, select the Connector tool, and then drag a shape from the stencil onto the drawing page. Then, with the first shape still selected, drag another shape onto the drawing page. The shapes are automatically connected using dynamic glue (dynamic glue: A type of glue that allows the endpoint of a connector shape to move from one connection point to another as the connected shapes are moved.).To use the Connector tool to draw a connector shape from a stencil, select the Connector tool and then select any 1-D shape (1-D shape: Either a straight line you draw using Visio drawing tools or a shape that has a beginning point and ending point and can be glued between two shapes to connect them.) on a stencil. While the Connector tool is selected, the connectors you draw on the page will match the 1-D shape that you selected.

ShowConnect shapes using a connector shape from a stencil

Drag a connector shape from the stencil.

 Note   Not all stencils have a connector shape. If you don't see one, use the Connector tool Button image.

Drag the connector's begin point Begin point image - green square with X inside to the shape you're connecting from. Drag the connector's end point End point image, which is plus sign in a green square to the shape you're connecting to.

The endpoints turn red when the connector is glued to the shapes.

ShowConnect multiple shapes

Select shapes in the order you want them to be connected. Do one of the following:

To use the Connector tool default style, click the green stencil background to make sure that you don't have a different connector shape selected. To use a particular connector shape, select it in the stencil.

On the Shape menu, click Connect Shapes.