Color code shapes using custom property values

  1. Do one of the following:
    • To color-code all shapes or all instances of one type of shape (such as all Person shapes), make sure nothing is selected.
    • To color-code specific shapes, select only those shapes on the drawing page.
  2. On the Tools menu, point to Add-Ons, point to Building Plan, and then click Color by Values.
  3. In the Color By list, select the property on which you want to base the color-coding.
  4. In the Shape Type list, select the type of shape you want to color, or, if you want to color all shapes, select <all shapes>.

 Tip   To see a list of properties for all shapes in the drawing, select <all shapes>.

  1. In the Range Type list, select the type of values in the property you selected.
  2. In the Color field, select the colors and patterns you want to use.

 Tip   To assign predefined colors to all values, click the Down button next to the Color field and select a color range.

  1. In the Value and Label fields, type the values and labels you want to appear in the color legend.
  2. Click OK.


  • To change the colors and patterns used in your drawing after it has been color-coded, right-click the legend on the drawing page, and then click Edit Legend.
  • If the properties of shapes on your drawing change, and this affects their assigned colors, update the color-coding by right-clicking the legend on the drawing page, and then clicking Refresh Legend.
Applies to:
Visio 2003