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Shapes III: Let's talk about text

Visio zoomed in on shape with text

How to add text to a shape.

Most shapes just need a quick label of text. There are several ways to add text to shapes, but the one shown in the picture is sure-fire:

Callout 1 Click the shape.
Callout 2 Start typing. Visio will zoom in on the shape.
Callout 3 When you're done, click an empty part of the drawing page to return to the zoom level you were at before.
Callout 4 The text appears on the shape.

Why all this zooming around? So that you can see what you are typing. There are occasions where it won't zoom, though. For example, if you're zoomed in close enough, or if the font size is big enough to read.

Note    If you don't like the zooming feature, you can turn it off. We explain how in the practice session and the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

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