Change the style and appearance of connectors

Change the appearance of one connector

Change the appearance of all the connectors on the page

 Tip   You also can change the appearance, style, and layout of connectors on the page on the Layout and Routing tab in the Page Setup dialog box, which is available from the File menu. The Style and Appearance options control the shape of the connector lines on a page.

Add arrows or other line ends to a connector

 Note   In some drawing types, the connectors already have appropriate line ends. For example, if you open the Basic Flowchart drawing type and you connect flowchart shapes using the Connector tool, the lines automatically end with arrowheads that point in the direction the process is moving.

Reverse the direction of a connector

Change the color of a connector

Scroll to the end of the list for more color options.

Change the width of a connector

Create a custom connector with preset formatting

While the custom connector shape is selected, every connector you draw with the Connector tool will have the same formatting as the connector selected in the stencil.