Change drawing page orientation in Visio

Applies to
Microsoft Visio® 2002

It may be difficult to create some diagrams within the limits of a standard drawing page. As you add process steps to a flowchart, for example, or extend the dates for a Gantt chart schedule, your diagram can easily expand beyond the page boundaries. These boundaries are important because nothing outside of them will print or be displayed properly.

Top diagram portrait, bottom one landscape

To make a diagram fit on a page, you may need to change only the drawing page orientation from portrait (vertical) to landscape (horizontal) or vice versa.

To change drawing page orientation

  1. With your drawing page displayed, on the File menu, click Page Setup.
  2. Click the Page Size tab, click Pre-defined size, and then choose the page size you want.
  3. Under Page orientation, click the orientation you want.
  4. Look at the preview that compares the drawing page to the printer page. If the page orientations differ, click the Print Setup tab.
  5. Under Printer paper (or under Printer), choose an orientation to match the drawing page orientation, and then click OK.