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Get to know Visio

Building plan

An office layout.

You can also create precise building plans in Visio. For example, with Visio Standard, you can make an office layout, as shown here.

With Visio Professional, you can do that, and also make electric and telecommunication plans, HVAC plans, and more.

Notice that this diagram provides an overhead view of walls, doors, windows, and furniture. Also note that the shapes for furniture, equipment, and even plants are already made for you. You do not have to draw these yourself.

And unlike with other simple diagramming programs, with Visio you can specify a scale of measurement. For example, if you want every half inch to represent one foot, you can tell Visio to do that.

Another example of Visio intelligence: You can add dimension lines to walls, as shown here. With these lines, you can determine whether larger items will fit in the available space. Also, if you resize a wall that has a dimension line, the line will dynamically change as well — relieving you from retyping the number of feet and inches.

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