Automatically repair the Visio program

This procedure detects and repairs problems such as missing files and registry settings associated with the installed Microsoft Office Visio program. It does not repair personal files, such as drawings.

Caution  Choosing the Discard my customized settings and restore default settings option affects not only Visio, but all installed Microsoft Office System programs, and resets the following to the appearance or state they were in when you first installed Visio:

  • The size of the application window
  • Menu and toolbar positions and any customizations
  • Security level
  • View settings
  • Most recently used entries on the File menu (these are cleared)

You will also need to re-enter your User Name and Initials when you restart the Microsoft Office System program.

  1. On the Help menu, click Detect and Repair.

To restore the program shortcuts to the Microsoft Windows Start menu, select the Restore my shortcuts while repairing check box.

  1. Click Start.


If Detect and Repair does not fix the problem, you may need to reinstall Visio.

The Visio Detect and Repair command does not detect or repair problems with any other Microsoft Office System program. To fix problems with another Microsoft Office System program, use the Detect and Repair command in that program.