Arranging a medical office layout

Improving the layout of your medical office can go a long way toward making your office run more efficiently. By determining your office's needs and available space, you can organize it so that foot traffic is minimal and the office runs smoothly.

Consider how to arrange each examination room. What furniture does each room need? Where should you locate the examination table? What quantities of supplies should be stocked in each room? As for the entire medical office, figure out where the laboratory facilities should be located and how you should set up the waiting area.

By creating a layout of your medical office using Microsoft Office Visio 2003, you can plan the best arrangement for your examination rooms and your entire medical office. After you create your layout diagram, you can use the reporting feature in Visio 2003 to track the equipment and furniture in each room and create reports on the assets in your entire office.

The following information and tools can help you plan your medical office's ideal layout.

Applies to:
Visio 2003