Add search keywords to a custom master shape

Adding keywords to custom master shapes makes it possible to search for them as you would search for any other shapes, using the Search for Shapes box on the Shapes window.

Open the Favorites stencil or other custom stencil that contains the shape you want to add keywords for.

On the File menu, point to Shapes, point to My Shapes, and then click the name of the stencil.

Click the stencil icon Read-only stencil image, and then click Edit Stencil.

The icon in the stencil title bar changes to Editable stencil image, indicating that the stencil is editable.

Right-click the master shape, point to Edit Master, and then click Master Properties.In the Keywords box, add one or more keywords, separated by a comma and no spaces.Click OK.If Indexing Service is not enabled or if you plan to share your stencil with someone else, add the same search keywords to the custom stencil.

Click the stencil icon Editable stencil image to open the stencil menu, and then click Properties.In the Keywords box, add the same keywords you added in step 3 above, separating keywords with a comma and no spaces.Click OK.

On the stencil title bar, click Save Stencil Save stencil image.

 Note   You must have administrator privileges on your computer to enable Indexing Service. See Index shapes for faster searching.