Add a background or watermark

Add a background or watermark when you want the same graphical elements to appear on more than one drawing page.

 Tip    To selectively view, edit, print, or lock shapes on a single drawing page, use layers instead of backgrounds.

What do you want to do?

Add a background or watermark by using a background shape

  1. On the Design tab, in the Backgrounds group, click Backgrounds.
  2. Click a background to add a background page to the document.

 Note    To remove the background shape, click Backgrounds and then click the No Background option.

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Create a custom background or watermark

Create a background page and assign it to one or more foreground pages.

For example, to turn your company logo into a background, create a background page with your company logo on it. The logo will appear on each page to which that background page is assigned.

  1. Right-click a page tab Page-1 tab in the lower-left part of the window, and then click Insert.

The Page Setup dialog appears.

  1. On the Page Properties tab, next to Type, select the Background option.
  2. Add the shapes and text that you want to appear in the background.

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Edit a custom background or watermark

You edit the shapes on a background page the same way that you edit the shapes on a foreground page.

  1. Click the background page tab to display that background in the drawing window.
  2. Edit the shapes and text in the background.

 Tip    To see how the changes affect the whole drawing, display the background page in one window and the page that it is assigned to in another window.

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Assign a custom background or watermark to a foreground page

  1. On the page to which you want to assign the background, right-click the page tab, click Page Setup, and then click the Page Properties tab.
  2. In the Background list, click the name of the background that you want to assign.

The background appears behind the shapes on the foreground page.


  • You can assign only one background to a foreground page.
  • When you assign a background to a foreground page, the shapes on the background are visible when you display the foreground page, but you cannot edit the shapes from the foreground page.

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Applies to:
Visio 2010