About Visio activation

Your license to use Microsoft Office Visio begins when you install Visio and then activate your product. If you fail to activate your product after installation, Visio starts in Reduced Functionality Mode.

In Reduced Functionality Mode, you will not be able to create new drawings or modify existing drawings, and additional functionality will be disabled. Your existing Visio files will not be harmed while the product is in this mode.

To open the Microsoft Office Visio Activation Wizard, on the Visio Help menu, click Activate Product.


  • Microsoft Office Visio 2003 is a stand-alone application of the Office System; it is not included in Office 2003 Professional or Office 2003 Standard.
  • If you don't see the Activate Product command on the Help menu, pause your cursor over the expand button at the bottom of the menu. After a short delay, the menu expands to show all entries. (You can set Visio to always show all available menu commands.)
  • To activate Visio online, you must have an Internet connection established before you start the Visio Activation Wizard. If the wizard doesn't recognize your connection, call the phone number listed in the wizard to activate Visio.
  • To restore full functionality after being in Reduced Functionality Mode, activate Visio, and then close and restart Visio.
  • Review the End User License agreement for information about the number of machines on which you can install your copy of Visio.
  • In some cases when you upgrade hardware on your computer, you may be prompted to activate Visio again. If you receive notification that you have reached the limit of your End User License Agreement, contact your Microsoft Customer Service representative or visit http://support.microsoft.com.
  • It's not possible to deactivate Visio. If you need to install Visio on another computer after having removed it from the computer on which you activated it, contact your Microsoft Customer Service representative or visit http://support.microsoft.com.
  • Registration of your copy of Visio is not required. However, if you want to register it after you have closed the Visio Activation Wizard, visit https://register.microsoft.com/regsys/regsys.asp?sl=10&wizid=6225.