About synchronized copies in organization charts

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You can create synchronized copies of sections of large organization charts on different pages to help you organize information. You can also set up a chart so that multiple appearances of a specific person are updated together; when you change information for that person, you do it only once.

When you create a synchronized copy, the selected shape and its subordinates are copied onto the new page with all of their custom properties, formatting, shape types, and pictures. The following changes apply to all synchronized shapes:

  • Changes to custom properties
  • Adding, replacing, or deleting pictures
  • If shapes include pictures, the pictures are included in the synchronized copies.

Other changes made to synchronized copies apply only to the specific shape on a specific page. These include:

  • Changing shape (position) type or formatting.
  • Showing or hiding subordinates
  • Showing or hiding pictures
  • Adding or deleting shapes

For example, if you delete a position from a synchronized copy, only that shape on that page is deleted; synchronized copies on other pages are unchanged. However, you can subsequently update the synchronized copies on other pages using the Expand Subordinates command.

Synchronize shapes in an organization chart