About detailed network diagrams

An example of a logical network diagram

Creating a detailed network diagram is an effective way to design and document a computer network. With a detailed network diagram, you can do the following:

Show how network equipment is logically connected.Show how network equipment is physically connected or arranged at a specific site, such as a server room.

With Microsoft Office Visio, you can quickly create a detailed network diagram using shapes that represent common network topologies and devices. The connectors on the network topology shapes attach easily to the device shapes. After they're connected, the devices remain attached, even when you move them.

You can store data, such as the network name and IP address, with the Visio network shapes. After you've associated data with the shapes, you can generate richly detailed reports.

You can also include logical and physical network diagrams in a "drill-down" diagram. A drill-down diagram consists of several Visio diagrams, each with a different level of detail. By following hyperlinks between the diagrams, the user can "drill down" through the different levels.

Create a detailed network diagram

Applies to:
Visio 2003