About database model and ER diagrams

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For more information on creating database models see Create a database model or ER diagram and About the database modeling templates.

Using the Database Model Diagram template, you can design and document logical model diagrams for relational and object-relational databases by:

  • Creating a diagram from scratch.
  • Extracting a database schema from (or reverse engineering) an existing database.
  • Importing an existing database model diagram created in another program.

 Note   This version of Visio can't forward engineer your database model. In other words it can't use a database model you create in a Visio to create a new schema in your database. However, you can forward enginner with Microsoft Visio Enterprise Architect edition, which is included in Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise.

A well-designed logical database model helps you ensure that any information system you design is accurate, complete, and efficient by graphically showing the relationships between the tables of information stored in the database.

For details on how to use the database model diagram see:

Create a database diagram

Applies to:
Visio 2003