About business process diagram types

Use the templates in the Business Process category to diagram business processes, including Six Sigma and ISO 9000, using diagrams such as fault tree analysis, work flow, audit, event-driven process chain, and data flow.

You can find additional flowchart templates in the Flowchart category. (On the File menu, point to New, and then click Flowchart.)

Audit Diagram

Create auditing flowchart diagrams for accounting, financial management, fiscal information tracking, money management, decision flowcharts, and financial inventories.

Audit diagram

Basic Flowchart

Create flowcharts, top-down diagrams, information tracking diagrams, process planning diagrams, and structure prediction diagrams.

Basic flowchart diagram

Cause and Effect Diagram

Create diagrams that illustrate problem-solving.

Cause and effect diagram

Cross-Functional Flowchart

Create diagrams that illustrate the relationships between process and departments in the organization.

Cross-functional flowchart

Data Flow Diagram

Use for process- or data-oriented models, data flowcharts, and data process, structured analysis, and information flow diagrams. (Only in Visio Professional.)

Data flow diagram

EPC Diagram

Create diagrams that illustrate business processes as chains of functions and events. EPC (Event-driven Process Chain) diagrams are a key component of SAP R/3 methodologies for business engineering.

EPC (Event-Driven Process Chain) Diagram

Fault Tree Analysis Diagram

Create diagrams that document events that might lead to failure so that failures can be prevented. Fault tree analysis diagrams are commonly-used in Six Sigma processes.

Fault tree analysis diagram

TQM Diagram

Create Total Quality Management diagrams for business process re-engineering, continuous improvement, and quality solutions.

TQM Flowchart

Work Flow Diagram

Represent business process re-engineering and the automation of business processes. Show information flow in accounting, management, and human resources tasks in industry, business, and manufacturing.

Work flow diagram