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Get to know Visio

Shapes window, stencils, and shapes

Where to find shapes and stencils.

Shapes. Everyone loves them in Visio. They're one of the main reasons Visio is so darn cool. So let's take a closer look at them.

Callout 1 The Shapes window is to the left of your drawing page. This window contains stencils. Stencils aren't the actual shapes themselves. Stencils are useful groupings of shapes.
Callout 2 These are stencils. In this illustration, you see three stencils. The Organization Chart Shapes stencil is the active one. The other two stencils are Borders and Tiles and Backgrounds. To see those stencils' shapes, you'd just click the name of the stencil you want.
Callout 3 Inside each stencil are shapes. Shapes are what you drag onto the page.
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