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PerformancePoint Monitoring and Analytics: Dashboard basics II

CEO and sales lead asking questions

Different people in an organization will have different questions about the business. To get the answers to those questions, the various people need to be able to look at information in a variety of ways: a CEO, for example, must see big picture items such as gross margin and revenue for the whole company. The CEO may ask questions such as "What is the year-over-year revenue growth for the entire company?"

A sales lead, on the other hand, will be more interested in the details about a specific region or territory and may also want to be able to track the success of a particular product. The sales lead may ask "Who made the most bike sales in France?"

Because PerformancePoint Server dashboards are flexible, they can help people in all levels of a company. In this course, we'll show you some ways to manipulate a dashboard to make it relevant to you and the work that you do.

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