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So that's how! Great PowerPoint features

Design template shown with its related master slides

Callout 1 Whenever you apply a design template...
Callout 2 ...A slide master and (usually) a title master are inserted in Slide Master view, where you can edit the template's styles. Shown here are thumbnail views of the masters.

For every design template you apply in a presentation, there is a slide master. You can see this slide at any time if you open Slide Master view in PowerPoint (you'll get more about this view later in the lesson).

The slide master stores the styles for the template—such as font styles, layout (where the text, headers, and footers are positioned), background design, and color scheme. It's a place where you can make global style changes to your slides. For example, if you want the font to be a different color throughout the show, change it on the slide master.

The title master

For the most part, the templates included in PowerPoint have both a title master and a slide master. Although it too stores styles from the design template, the title master's layout and design differ slightly from the slide master's. This makes your title slides stand out from the other slides and also enables you to make changes that will affect all but your title slides or nothing but your title slides.

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