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Hear and see your contacts with Office Communicator

Location of Conversation History folder and one record from folder

The Conversation History folder.

The integration of Communicator 2007 with Outlook will allow you to track information about your conversations. A folder called Conversation History is created in your mailbox. The folder appears in the Outlook 2007 folder list, along with other folders, such as Inbox, Outbox, and Sent Items. The Conversation History folder contains a record of instant messaging sessions, phone calls, and forwarded calls.

The messages in the Conversation History folder carry the following information:

  • Time and date of the message
  • Mode and content of the conversation
  • Names of participants
  • Direction of the conversations (incoming or outgoing)

In addition, the folder contains information about any conversations that included audio. A complete record of all IM conversations is kept in the Conversation History folder whenever you enable the option to record instant messaging and audio conversations. To enable this option, on the Tools menu, click Options. On the Personal tab, under the Personal Information Manager section, select the Save my instant message conversations in the Outlook Conversation History folder check box.

Outlook 2007 can keep track of missed audio calls and instant messaging conversations in your Outlook Inbox too. It also tracks voice mail in your Outlook Inbox.

Note    You may need to check with your IT administrator if you don't see any missed conversations in your Inbox.

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