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Create your own template

Title master with repositioned slide footer

Example of a title master. You can use this slide to create a unique layout or design look, such as moving the footer text to a different position or adding a piece of art.

Suppose you open a new, blank presentation, which by default has the Default Design template applied. When you go to master view, there is one master displayed: the slide master. But there's another master available, too, the title master.

Its purpose is to give you additional options for the look and placement of content on the title slide (or multiple title slides) in your show. You might want title slides to have a certain zing that sets them apart from the rest of the show.

What is the "title slide"? Any slide in your show that uses a Title Slide layout is a title slide. The default slide in a new, blank presentation has this layout. As the picture shows, the layout includes a title and subtitle. It is sometimes used for any slide in the show that introduces a new section. Therefore, you could have multiple title slides in a show.

In master view, if you want something on the title slide (or slides) to be different from the rest of the slides, make the change on the title master. For example, a footer or piece of art may look better on your title slides in a different position.

In the upcoming practice session, you'll see how to insert and work with a title master.

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