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So that’s how! Great FrontPage features

Three Web pages that contain the same address

The Championzone Web site has three pages that contain an address—a good situation in which to use a variable.

Chances are, your Web site needs some information repeated on several different pages, such as a street address. Carefully typing this on each page can be time-consuming. Also, if the address changes, all pages need to be changed. Variables allow you to store this kind of information in one place, so that it's easy to enter and update later.

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When you want to insert frequently used text (like an address or phone number) and then update it automatically, variables are the answer.

You might be wondering when to use variables versus when to use included pages, which we explained earlier in this course. Variables are good for short, commonly used text like an address, phone number, etc. Variables can also appear within a sentence or paragraph of text, as shown here.

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