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Live Meeting 2007: Presenter's companion

Menu command opening Whiteboard

Collaborate by using the Whiteboard.

To ensure that the orientation program addresses the needs of the new hires, you want to capture their expectations from the training. You display a Whiteboard and ask each new hire to enter their name and their expectations from the program. By engaging your audience with the Whiteboard and annotation tools, you can ensure their active participation in the program.

Note    As a presenter, you need to assign permissions to the attendees to enable them to use the annotation tools. To assign permissions, in the Attendees pane, click the More icon, and then click Permissions.

A Whiteboard is a collaborative feature that allows attendees to share ideas, brainstorm, and add annotations. By using the annotation tools, you can draw freehand, add shapes or text, change the color of text and images, and highlight and arrange information in a logical manner.

Inserting a Whiteboard is easy. As a presenter, in the Content pane, click Share, and then click Whiteboard. This displays a blank Whiteboard to all attendees.

You'll learn how to work with annotation tools on a Whiteboard in the next section.

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