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Tables II: Use tables to simplify complex page layouts

Table with bulleted list and formatting marks visible

A smaller font size stored in the marker causes the bullet to be smaller than the rest of the list. To correct font or bullet size or other font and paragraph formatting attributes easily, select the entire cell before changing font or paragraph formatting.

If you have ever had strange paragraph or font formatting in a table cell, such as incorrectly-sized bullets or text, or unwanted bold or italic formatting on bullets and numbers, the table end-of-cell marker is the likely culprit.

Because the end-of-cell marker stores paragraph formatting for the last paragraph in the cell, it can affect the appearance of text. So, when you apply paragraph formatting to individual paragraphs within a cell, rather than to the entire cell at one time, the end-of-cell marker might contain different formatting from other paragraphs, and apply that formatting to the last paragraph in the cell.

Tip     If you do not see the end-of-cell markers in your table, turn on formatting marks. To do this, click the Show/Hide ¶ button Button image on the Standard toolbar.

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