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Use mail merge for mass mailings and more

Preview and error checking buttons on Mail Merge toolbar

There are several buttons on the Mail Merge toolbar that are useful at the preview stage of a merge.
Callout 1 View Merged Data Click once to display merge results. Click again to display fields.
Callout 2 Highlight Merge Fields Click to highlight fields in a document. Click again to turn off highlighting. Note that fields you add using the Insert Word Field button or Insert Field dialog box are not highlighted.
Callout 3 Match Fields Click to open the Match Fields dialog box. If Word couldn't match a column from your data file with a field, you can match it manually here.
Callout 4 First Record, Previous Record, Go to Record, Next Record, Last Record Click a button or type a number to locate a specific merged document.
Callout 5 Find Entry Click to open the Find Entry dialog box. You can find merged documents that contain specific information.

When you're performing a more complicated merge or one that results in a large number of merged documents, the preview step is essential.

As you can see on the left, there are several buttons on the Mail Merge toolbar that are useful for previewing.

Your preview process might go something like this:

  • Click the View Merged Data button Button image to take a quick look at the first merged document.
  • If there is information missing, click the Match Fields button Button image to match columns from your data file with fields in the main document.
  • When things look good in the first document, use the Next Record button Button image to page through a few more merged documents.
  • If you merged a large number of documents, type numbers in the Go to Record box Box image and then press ENTER to check random documents in the set.

When you're satisfied with your preview, you're ready to complete the merge.

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