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Use mail merge for mass mailings and more

Main document setup toolbar button and Main Document Type dialog box

Click the Main document setup button on the Mail Merge toolbar to open your main document and get it set up. The Faxes option is unavailable unless you have fax support and a fax modem installed on your computer.

After you open the Mail Merge toolbar, you're ready to start stepping through the mail merge process using the toolbar buttons. You can pretty much proceed from left to right across the toolbar.

The first step is to choose the type of document you're merging information into. You do that by clicking the Main document setup button on the far left of the toolbar to open the Main Document Type dialog box.

In the dialog box, if you choose:

  • Letters, Faxes, or Directory, you can either start with a blank document or with a template. To open a template, on the File menu, click New. In the New Document task pane, under Templates, click a link to locate a template on Microsoft Office Online or on your computer.
  • Envelopes or Labels, the Envelope Options or Label Options dialog box opens, where you can set up the main document.
  • E-mail messages, a properly formatted main document opens automatically.


  • The Normal Word document option is useful when you open a document that you previously used in a mail merge. If you want to save the content of the document but don't want it to be connected to the data file anymore, click the Main document setup button, and then click this option.
  • If you already have a document set up that you want to merge information into, you can just open that document and skip the step of clicking the Main document setup button.
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