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Use mail merge for mass mailings and more

Mail Merge Recipients dialog box

After you locate and open (or create) the data file you want to use in your merge, the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box opens. In this dialog box, you can:
Callout 1 Sort the list, for example, alphabetically, by clicking a category (column) heading.
Callout 2 Filter the list by clicking the arrow beside the heading, and then clicking the value you want to filter by (a specific postal code, for example). You can also click (Blanks) or (Nonblanks) to display all the records in a category that do not or do contain information. You can always show all the records again by clicking the arrow and then clicking (All).
Callout 3 Clear a check box next to a record to exclude that record from the merge.
Callout 4 Use the buttons to select or exclude all the records, or to find specific records.

After you connect to a data file, you choose which records (rows) from the file you actually want to use in your merge.

For example, you might want to send a form letter to only those customers in your file with a specific postal code. Or, you might want to create a directory that includes only one product line.

You do all this choosing, sorting, and filtering of data file records in the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box that opens automatically after you connect to or create a data file.

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