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Live Meeting 2007: Presenter's companion

Attendees pane with Rooms button selected

Use Breakout Rooms in Live Meeting service.

Your orientation program for the new hires is progressing well. Live Meeting has made it easy for you to collaborate and interact with the new hires. You are now going to use additional Live Meeting features to work with the new hires in smaller groups.

You've already shared your organization's vision statement with the new hires. Now, you want to conduct a small group activity with them. You divide the attendees into groups of three to four people, based on the department they're working in, and then ask them how they would apply the organization's vision in their work activities.

You have successfully implemented this approach in traditional classroom training. Now, you want to use the same approach in your training by using Live Meeting.

The Breakout Rooms feature of the Live Meeting service enables you to create separate meeting spaces with small groups of attendees. You can divide the attendees among the rooms and allow each group to meet separately. In this lesson, you'll learn how to use breakout rooms during the meetings.

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