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Linking Project tasks

Predecessors column in the Gantt Chart view

Fig. 1  You can create dependency links by typing in the Predecessors column.

What if you need to set dependencies between tasks that are quite far apart in the Project plan? Project provides a simple solution: You can type the dependency directly into the Predecessors column.

First, note the predecessor task's ID number. Then, scroll to the task that will become its successor. In the Predecessors field of the successor task, type the predecessor task's ID number and the appropriate dependency abbreviation: SS, FF, FS, or SF.

For example, if you type 10SS,125SS (the comma is required) in the Predecessors field for Task 235, Project will set a Start-to-Start dependency link between Tasks 10 and 235 and between Tasks 125 and 235.

If you type only the task's ID number in the Predecessors column, Project creates a Finish-to-Start dependency.

Tip    You don't have to type the task ID numbers in any specific order, but you must separate those numbers with commas.

To remove a dependency link from the Predecessors column, select the ID number of the predecessor task, and then press the DELETE key.

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