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Live Meeting 2007: Presenter's companion

Menus, options, and dialog boxes used with breakout rooms

Start breakout rooms to initiate group discussion in a Live Meeting.

After setting up the breakout rooms, you need to start them. You can visit various breakout rooms and use global questions and answers to brainstorm with various attendees. If the number of attendees increases or if you need additional rooms, you can add up to 15 breakout rooms. For example, during your orientation program, you can visit each breakout room to see how the attendees are progressing. To start breakout rooms, do the following:

  1. To activate the breakout rooms, in the Attendees pane, click Start. This starts all of the breakout rooms and opens a Whiteboard in each breakout room.

Note    If you are using one of our certified audio conferencing providers, the audio will include only the attendees present in your new room.

  1. To go to a breakout room, in the Attendees pane, click Go to, and then select the breakout room that you want to visit.
  2. If required, you can add another breakout room. To add a breakout room, in the Attendees pane, click Options, and then click Add Breakout Room. This displays the Create Breakout Room dialog box.
  3. Specify the name of the breakout room, and click OK. This creates a new breakout room and opens a Whiteboard in it.
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