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XML: What's it all about?

Sources for XML systems

Your Information Technology (IT) department or another expert can help you get there.

An XML-based system can enable you to use more types of data, in more programs, and on more computers. It can automate the work of data entry, and it can help you create documents faster.

So where do you get a system like that? You have to plan it and build it. You can't just buy and install an XML system. You need to work with your Information Technology (IT) department, or with someone who has expertise in designing and creating the various components of an XML system.

That can be a serious effort. But keep in mind, the people who use an XML system don't necessarily have to learn new software, or learn XML. You and your employees can still use familiar documents, worksheets, databases, and Web forms to create, process, and share data. Typically, XML works behind the scenes.

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