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Use note flags and search to find your notes

The find box, before and after performing a search

Callout 1 At the top of the page, locate the Find box.
Callout 2 Type the text you're looking for, then click the green arrow.
Callout 3 In this case, three references have been found and the pages with the text have been highlighted.

Looking for a phrase in your notes, or looking for a note that contains a certain word? Enter it in the Find box Find box and click the arrow to start the search. Use the down arrow next to the green Find arrow to refine the search area.

When the search is completed, the Find box will be replaced with a highlighted area (see in the picture). If there's more than one occurrence of your search term, you can click through the results using the Previous Match and Next Match arrows in the highlighted area.

Every page that has the search term on it is highlighted. In addition, you can see a list of every page with the search term on it by clicking View List. This will open the Page List task pane with a list of every page with the search term in it.

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