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Birthdays I: Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries

Steps to set a reminder

Set a reminder in three easy steps.

It may not be enough to know the date on the day of the event. If you're going to make the most of remembering birthdays or anniversaries, it's best to remember far enough in advance to buy a gift, send a card, or plan a fabulous surprise party. To do this, you can set a reminder.

How many days ahead of the event do you need to be notified in order to buy a card or gift? You would specify this number of days in the Reminder box.

In the picture, we've shown the steps to change the reminder time for any calendar entry by opening the entry and adjusting the settings in the Reminder box on the Appointment tab.

  1. Double-click the appointment to open it.

Note     If you want to change the reminder time for all events in the series (as we discussed in the previous section), you would select the option to open the series.

  1. Choose the reminder time and click Save and Close.
  2. A reminder appears at the specified day or time.
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