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Header and footer basics

Steps for removing a header or footer

You might inherit a document and find you need to remove header or footer content.

Callout 1 For example, say that the footer information, such as a document path and file name, is no longer current or desired.
Callout 2 In the Header & Footer group, click Footer.
Callout 3 At the bottom of the Footer gallery, click Remove Footer.

That wipes the footer clean.

The Page Number and Header galleries have a similar "remove" command on their gallery menus.

Note     There are cases in which this command won't remove the header or footer — typically when the information has been inserted manually rather than from the Header, Footer, or Page Number galleries. So always check to make sure the header or footer was deleted. If it isn’t, click each part of it to select it, and press DELETE.

The Document Inspector helps you remove headers and footers from documents, if that's what you want. See the Quick Reference Card for details.

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