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Reduce spam! Get your Junk E-mail Filter in top condition

Three ways to keep filter in top condition

There are three things you can do to make your filter more efficient.

From the moment you open Outlook 2007, the Outlook Junk E-mail Filter reviews each arriving message, and sends any message that looks like spam to the Junk E-mail folder.

Any message that looks legitimate is routed directly to your Inbox.

You can do three things to improve your filter's performance:

Callout 1 Apply the updates that Microsoft creates for your filter, so that it always has cutting-edge information about what the junk senders are up to.
Callout 2 Choose the level of protection that you want your filter to provide.
Callout 3 Keep your filter’s three lists — the Safe Senders List, the Safe Recipients List, and the Blocked Senders List — up to date.

We’ll take these three processes in order. First, you’ll learn about applying Microsoft updates.

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