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Protect Word documents

Editing restrictions section in Protect Document task pane showing names of individuals, and a document highlighting sections they can edit

Callout 1 Select the editing restriction type you want to allow, such as Comments.
Callout 2 Specify the groups or individuals you want to work on your document.
Callout 3 Areas of the document are color-coded according to the people who are allowed to edit them.

Fortunately, protecting your documents doesn't have to be a case of all or none. You can select which areas of your document to allow certain people (whom you specify) to change.

For example, you can select paragraphs in different areas of your document and allow a particular group of people to edit only those areas. Then you can select another part of the same document, and allow a different person or group to change that part of the document, and so on.

Note     The Filling out forms option in the Editing restrictions section of the task pane is used only for forms, which contain fill-in blanks or form fields, such as check boxes. If you're sending a form out for review, you can specify which areas of the form are protected and which areas can be edited. If you don't specify settings for specific sections, the entire form is protected. In other words, a person could check a box, but not delete the check box itself.

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