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Printing I: Know your options

Example of a notes page printout

Preview of a notes page printout.
Callout 1 Speaker notes appear below the slide they go with. If there are no notes for the slide, just the slide appears on the page, with the empty notes space below the slide.
Callout 2 You can add headers and footers to notes pages.

If you want your speaker notes in a printout, choose Notes Pages in the Print What list. This printout type prints one slide per page, with speaker notes printed below the slide they go with. If there are no notes for a slide, only the slide appears on that page, with the space for notes empty below it.

Typical uses

  • You want a printout of your notes below each slide to refer to as you present.
  • You want to leave space below each slide for reviewers on your team to comment in.

Note     If you want more than one slide per page along with the speaker notes, Word has a couple of options for doing so. These are detailed in the next lesson.

Correcting problems in the printout

In print preview, when you select Notes Pages, you may find a couple of unexpected things:

  • The notes for the slide are cut off.
  • There's inconsistent text formatting or spacing in the notes.

To fix these problems, close print preview. On the View menu, click Notes Page and then work with the notes directly. You'll try that in the practice.

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