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XML: What's it all about?

Excel practice file and practice instructions

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Practice in Excel
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The first practice session showed you how Word 2003 works with XML. Now you'll see how Excel 2003 works with XML. In this practice session, you'll create an XML map for Excel, and you'll open an XML data file in Excel as an XML list.

Important    To complete this practice session, you must use Microsoft Office Excel 2003 or Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. You cannot complete this session by using the version of Excel in Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003. In addition, you need to download a sample XML data file. Follow the instructions below to download the sample XML data file:

Download an XML file for the practice

To complete this practice session, first you must download a sample XML data file called Expense Report.xml. Follow these steps to download that file. It's best if you complete these steps without any interruption.

  1. To keep these instructions in front of you, print this page. Right-click the page, then click Print. In the Print dialog box, click Preferences and set the orientation to Landscape. Click OK, then click Print.
  2. Next, click this link: Practice XML file. The link takes you away from this page of instructions to a download page titled "Excel 2003 Sample: XML File."
  3. On the right of that download page, click the Download button.

Note     If you use Windows® XP Service Pack 2, you need to follow some additional steps. After you click the Download button, the File Download - Security Warning dialog box appears. Click Run. The Internet Explorer - Security Warning dialog box then appears. Click Run again. Skip step 4 below and follow step 5 and step 6 to finish downloading the sample file.

  1. In the File Download dialog box, click Open.
  2. When asked whether you want to install the file, click Yes, and then click Yes to acknowledge the license agreement. Type the name of a destination folder or browse to a destination folder, and then click OK until you complete the installation process.
  3. If you have completed these steps without interruption, you should see the "Excel 2003 Sample: XML File" download page again. Click the Back button in your Web browser to return to this training course page. If you can't return directly, you can use your browser history to get back to the course, or you can go to Training on Office Online and open the course again, then return to this practice page.

About the practice session

When you click Practice in Excel, a practice worksheet will download to your computer and open in Excel, and a separate window with practice instructions will appear alongside (see picture).

Note     You need to have Excel 2003 installed on your computer.


  • If the practice instructions aren't visible, or if they disappear when you click in Excel, click the Excel Help taskbar button and then click the Auto Tile button in the upper-left corner of the instructions.
  • If the practice instructions cover up Excel, click the Auto Tile button in the upper-left corner of the instructions.

Before you begin

Make sure to close Excel if it is already running.

Start the practice

Click the Practice in Excel button now.

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