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Hear and see your contacts with Office Communicator

Panes, menus, and options for placing video calls

Place a video call.

You have been in touch with the Toronto team through IM and audio calls and have been able to resolve issues quickly. Now the day of the launch is nearing, and you need to be in constant touch with the teams. David, the manager from the Toronto team, is conducting a briefing session with his team to get a status update and answer any queries. You want to participate in the briefing session and provide your input for the launch. Therefore, you place a video call to David and his team.

You can place a video call in two ways — by starting a video call from the Communicator window or by escalating from an IM session or audio call to a video call.

Note    If a webcam is not connected to your computer, you need to set one up by running the Set Up Audio and Video Wizard. To run the wizard, click Tools and then click Set Up Audio and Video.

To start a video call from the Contact List in the Communicator window, do the following:

  1. In the Contact List, right-click a contact.
  2. Click the Start a Video Call option. After your contact accepts the video call, the Conversation window expands to display the video.

To escalate an in-progress IM conversation to a video call:

  • In the Conversation window, click the Start a Video Call button. After the call is accepted, the Conversation window expands to display the video.

Note    Communicator 2007 also allows you to join a multiparty video conference. This feature of Communicator 2007 is discussed later in the course.

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