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PerformancePoint Monitoring and Analytics: Dashboard basics II

Drill Down To command

The Drill Down To command and the results.

Filters provide a basic way to show or hide information. To a see a different level of detail for an analytic grid or an analytic chart, you'll want to use the Drill Down or Drill Down To commands, which you can access by right-clicking in the chart or grid. Exactly where you click will depend on the particular chart or grid that you use. You may have to try right-clicking different areas to see what works.

The drill down feature enables you to gain access to a deeper view of the data that's summarized in the chart or grid.

For example, suppose that it's time to distribute bonuses at Adventure Works. The company policy is to reward sales representatives based on the sales they make. The French regional sales manager could do the following to see what those numbers are for her region:

Callout 1 Right-click in the cell for France and click Drill Down To.
Callout 2 Point to SalesRep, and click SalesRep Name.
Callout 3 The result is a tailored view of the analytic chart. Sales representatives' names are listed in the left column and dollar amounts for sales for France are displayed next to the names of the people who made those sales.
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