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Design efficiently with masters

Click Play to see an animated example of changing the slide layout by resizing or moving placeholders. Here, one placeholder is reduced and another is moved up on the slide, creating room to move up the date placeholder so that it's more visible.

Other typical changes you'd make on the slide master include repositioning or resizing the text areas (placeholders), or adding a piece of art that you want on every slide, such as a logo.

Placeholders are the dotted boxes that contain the content, such as title, body, and footer text, on the slide. They determine the slide's layout.

The animation on the left demonstrates a series of changes made to the placeholders on the slide master. In this example, the goal is to make room to move the date footer (on the lower left) up into a more visible place.

Tip    If you want something like a company logo on all your slides, add it to the slide master and title master. For more tips about adding art or a background to the masters, see Template color scheme, background, and logo.

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