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Use mail merge for mass mailings and more

Field dialog box

To see a list of Word fields, click Field on the Insert menu. To insert a field, under Field names, click the field you want to insert and then click OK. You can get information about how to use any field in Word Help. Just search for the name of the field.

There are a number of other fields in Word (called Word fields) that you can insert into a document, to:

  • Display information about the document, such as the document's creation or print date, or the author's name.
  • Perform some calculation or action, such as counting and displaying the number of pages in one section of a document, or prompting a document's user to fill in text.

For example, you could use:

  • A Date field to automatically add the current date to each merged copy of a form letter.
  • A PrintDate field combined with a Merged Record # field to add a unique number to each copy of an invoice.
  • An If...Then...Else... field to print a company address in a letter if there is information in the Company column of a data file for a particular record, or to print a home address instead if there is no company information.

Tip     Several of the Word fields that you're most likely to use in a mail merge are also available by clicking the Insert Word Field button on the Mail Merge toolbar. To see the toolbar, on the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click Mail Merge. You'll learn more about the toolbar in the last lesson of the course.

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