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Design efficiently with masters

Process of opening master view

Callout 1 To open master view, point to Master on the View menu, and click Slide Master.
Callout 2 In master view, a pair of thumbnails appears in the upper left; these are the slide master and title master. They're connected by a gray bracket.
Callout 3 The master that's selected is displayed in the slide pane. In this example, it's the slide master.

Once you know what design change you want to make, how do you get to the masters? Use the Master command on the View menu, as shown in the picture. This takes you to master view.

This view is similar to normal view, including a pane on the left with slide thumbnails, and a main slide area.

The thumbnails represent the slide master and title master. In the pair, the slide master always appears above the title master. The next section describes how you tell them apart.

In the main slide area, the selected master is in full view, available for your changes.

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