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Present your project in Word, PowerPoint, or Visio

First step of Copy Picture to Office Wizard

In the first step of the wizard, determine the level of detail you want.

Once all of your project's columns and views look just the way you want them, you are ready to use the wizard to help you refine how you want your project displayed. On the Analysis toolbar, click Copy Picture to Office Wizard.

The first step in the wizard is to decide if you want to keep your original outline level or change it to display all tasks or only summary tasks.

For example, you may decide that displaying only summary tasks will make the presentation more readable at a glance, and therefore might be better for managers or stakeholders. Determining an appropriate level of detail is often critical to the success of your presentation.

Note     If you choose to modify the outline level for the new Office document, the outline level in your original project is also updated.

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